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Taylor Properties, located in Station Square, Lowestoft, prides itself on being a fully owned and family run business. The company is not a managing agent, as all the properties are owned and managed by Taylor Properties. This offers tenants many advantages as there is no third party to consider. Prospective tenants can be offered properties with very few set up costs or fees and a prompt and efficient maintenance service is offered. Taylor Properties can also offer clients advice and assistance particularly when coming out of employment and onto benefits, as many tenants often face eviction from their landlord when they lose their jobs and are faced with long benefit delays and possible rent arrears accruing.

The company was founded in 1919 by Geoffrey E Palmer as a property and insurance agency. Mr Palmer passed away in the late 1950s and the business was acquired by Mr George Taylor, who continued trading until his retirement in the early 1970s, when he sold the estate agency arm of the business but continued to run the insurance agency and manage two investment properties he had acquired. George passed away in 1976 leaving the business to his son Roger, who at the time was in the Car Sales business. On acquiring the business Roger decided to dispose of his interests in the two garage sites which he operated at the time and to devote his time to building up the company. Using this income he acquired some further buildings to add to the portfolio of two. His wife Brenda assisted him with the book keeping and administration as company secretary.

The company continued to grow steadily over the next few years and in 1984 Roger and Brenda's eldest son Brandon came into the business as General Manager. Their youngest son Jason joined them in 1987 and between them the business continued to grow at a rate of acquiring a couple of buildings a year. This trend has continued and the business is now one of the largest independently owned property companies in the region.

Roger passed away in August 2005 leaving his wife and two sons to continue the legacy. Since that time Brandon has taken over his late father's role as Company Chairman and project manages each new renovation and oversees the day to day running of the business along with negotiating new aquisitions. Jason has become Chief Executive and handles most of the re-lettings along with dealing with the ongoing maintenance requests and assisting clients with benefit paperwork. Brenda has continued in the role as Company Secretary.

In addition to the family the business employs an Office Manager, Gillian Dyer who is the first contact for most clients. The company also commissions a variety of local sub contractors who carry out maintenance to the existing properties along with on going refits and elements of the extensive conversion projects which the company undertakes.

Brandon Taylor - Company Chairman

Jason Taylor - Chief Executive

Brenda Taylor - Company Secretary

Gill Dyer - Office Manager