Residential Accommodation Application Form

What do I have to pay before I can move into the property?

To secure the property you must pay a deposit which is usually just a little more than one month's rent, an administration fee of £50 and one month's rent in advance.

I do not have sufficient funds to secure a property. Can you still help me?

There are various agencies in Lowestoft with whom we regularly liaise to help people secure a property with us. We can provide you with the relevant contacts.

What is the deposit for and when will I get it back?

The deposit is a security to ensure that the property is left in the same condition at the end of the tenancy as it was when the tenancy was commenced. Subject to the property being in satisfactory order and there are no rent arrears you will get the deposit back at the end of the tenancy. All our deposits are protected by

When is my rent due?

Rent is paid in advance by monthly instalments and is due on or before the first of every month.

How can I pay my rent?

You can pay by standing order directly into our bank account or by cash, cheque or debit/credit card in our office. Card payment can also be made over the telephone.

Are bills included?

No. You are responsible for paying all your bills including gas, electricity, water and sewerage charges, council tax, television licence and telephone charges.

When and how do I end the tenancy?

If you wish to end the tenancy you must give notice in writing or complete a Termination of Tenancy Form at least one calendar month before you wish the tenancy to end. Failure to do this may mean you forfeit repayment of your deposit

Is the tenancy transferable into someone else's name?

Yes, subject to all parties agreeing to the transfer you can transfer the tenancy into someone else's name. Complete a Transfer of Tenancy Form and hand into the office. There is a £50 administration fee for the transfer.

Do I have to insure the property?

The landlord is responsible for insuring the building. You are responsible for your contents and personal effects. It is advisable to take out a suitable insurance policy.

What is your policy on pets?

We have a no animals and birds policy in the majority of our properties. However, there are exceptional circumstances when pets are allowed. Requests must be made to the office in writing and prior consent given by the Landlord.

What is your smoking policy?

You may smoke in your flat, however smoking is not permitted in the communal areas such as hallways.

What am I responsible for?

You are responsible for paying the rent on time, paying bills, maintaining the interior of the property and to keep the contents in a good and clean condition and replace any articles which may be destroyed, lost, broken or damaged during the tenancy. Communal areas must be kept clear of any items at all times. You must behave in a considerate manner and be responsible for any visitors so not to cause anything which may be or become a nuisance, harassment, disturbance or annoyance to adjoining premises or other occupants of the building.

How do I report a problem or repair that needs attention?

If you have a minor repair, complete a Maintenance Report Form and hand it into the office or submit online and your issue will be addressed as soon as possible. You must inform the Landlord immediately of any outbreak of fire or burglary.

What if I lose my key?

For security, please report lost keys as soon as possible. Replacement keys are available at a charge of £10 per key.

Can I put up posters and pictures?

You may not affix nails, screws, hooks or other means of appending decorations to the wall or ceilings of the property without prior authorisation.

Can I redecorate?

With prior authorisation you are permitted to redecorate. However, at the end of the tenancy the interior decoration must be returned to the same colour and condition as at the start of the tenancy.